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    Redesigning a Better Life 12 weeks | Limit 3 people per intake | $3,750 PLUS TAX

    Redesigning a Better Life is about creating your own unique path and living a more fulfilling life. It means getting to the root of what truly matters to you and making conscious choices that propel you forward.

    Along the way, you’ll experience life-changing personal growth. When you improve and grow, everything else grows with you: the quality of your life, the options before you—everything improves. And you will enjoy the support, accountability, and friendship of others who are also taking the first steps on the road towards personal excellence. Prerequisite: None. 

    Our curriculum transforms lives.

    Imagine a future shaped by your goals and dreams.

    WEEK 01 Embracing your unique story and unique self Learn the power in your story and the importance of growing your self worth and self confidence without falling to the dangers of self-centredness, self-arrogance and self-indulgence

    WEEK 02 Redefining your success metrics Understand the success stories and success metrics that have shaped you and learn how to redefine success on your terms

    WEEK 03 Articulate your personal core values Undertake a unique process to discover what is most important to you and develop a personal core value set that can be used to improve your interpersonal relationships, job prospects and decision making

    WEEK 04 One-on-one session (breakthrough) Experience deep and personalised 1:1 coaching with James to help you break through challenges that hinder your growth and happiness

    WEEK 05 Master your money mindset Transform your money mindset, improve the way you relate to money and use it in a way that aligns to your highest commitments

    WEEK 06 Recalibrating your support village Reshape your “support village” of key people that that help form and shape you into who you desire to become and what you feel called to do

    WEEK 07 Excel in your decision making Learn the guiding principles that will help you navigate the pitfalls that come with choice and grow in decision making excellence

    WEEK 08 Prototype possible life pathways Learn and use design-thinking processes to come up with different viable options for your next chapter of life

    WEEK 09 Allocate your attention Learn tools to intentionally direct your attention (energy, time and resources) to the projects and people that matter to you

    WEEK 10 Developing your courage muscle Grow your ability to step out and stay on the edge of discomfort through learning how to step through the fears that hold you back

    WEEK 11 Taking Your Next Steps Distill all your key learnings and create a personalised activation plan to help you stay accountable to your new life commitments

    WEEK 12 One-on-one session Experience deep and personalised 1:1 coaching with James to help propel you on your new life trajectory

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